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About Us

Speech Writing

When every word counts…every thought matters.

CEO and Founder, Dr. C. Oliver-Hawley is a professional educator and communicator, who was the recipient of the Geraldine Dodge Fellowship for Principals. Dr. Oliver-Hawley is a distinguished public speaker who won a national award for her expertise in Extemporaneous Speech Delivery. A graduate of the Georgetown University, Saint Peter's University and the College of Saint Elizabeth, Dr. Oliver- Hawley has 17 years of experience serving local and international government entities and school districts. After an internship at the Embassy of France, Bureau of the Press in Washington, D.C., she began her career of service in local government in the City of Jersey City, Office of the Mayor, where she wrote press releases and planned special events. Dr. Oliver-Hawley honed her public speaking and proactive communications during her work on local political campaigns in Jersey City, NJ. Later, Dr. Oliver-Hawley developed her skill as a public speaker, communications coach and her ability to "stand and deliver" under pressure, during real situations as a French Immersion Teacher, Vice Principal, Principal and Central Office Director. She has experience in developing crisis plans and press releases for schools and implemented/managed an emergency global communications system for a mid-sized urban school system, district-wide.

Publications - A published author, Dr. Oliver-Hawley, researched communication trends related to the federal No Child Left Behind Legislation entitled, A Study of NCLB Supplemental Educational Services Implementation and Communication.

Speeches and Presentations - Dr. Oliver-Hawley has delivered speeches or served as an expert panelist for the following organizations: NAACP, NJASA, Board Meetings, Superintendent Cabinet Meetings, PTA Meetings and Parent Academy. Dr. Oliver-Hawley served as a panelist for a national webinar on the effective use of global communications/emergency notification systems for schools.

Dr. Oliver-Hawley a real person, for real people, with real communication challenges. Call today.